I record, take apart, and reconfigure video taken from a site. The fragmented imagery moves from straight photographic representation to a subjective sense of a particular place to a more abstract, diagrammatic idea of space. The varied sequences of layered images loosely connect from one to another showing an interior in process (both physical and psychological), simultaneously being constructed and disassembled. I am interested in the way memory seizes upon isolated fragments of experience, reconstructing and formulating them into a cohesive mental artifact, yet never truly fixing an accurate picture.

Kristine Marx is a video and installation artist based in New York City. She has had solo exhibitions at Plane Space (New York City), Fringe (Los Angeles), Big & Small/Casual (New York City), and at the Berliner Liste with Herrmann & Wagner (Berlin). She has collaborated on several multimedia performance projects with composers Akemi Naito and John Supko and musicians Greg Beyer and Erin Lesser. In addition to working as an artist, Marx writes essays and reviews on film for PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art. She presently teaches at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.