A few years ago i would have said that my work was about structure, or more specifically about how one constructed one's world. Over time this has changed to a more simple and basic premise for my work. I want to explore these little daily moments that we all experience, these glances or gestures, in which there is a connection made with another. In these moments a small door opens up into a large new world that, if only for a second, makes us glimpse as what it means to be human.

Pierre St-Jacques has shown his work at Artist's Space in New York, at Gallerie Joella in Finland, and more recently at the DiVA and Scope art fairs in New York, at the Directors Lounge in Berlin, the Bronx Museum of Art in New York and, Real Artways in Connecticut. He traveled to Beijing in 2009 to shoot"Traveling between Spring and Fall". Since then he's worked concurrently on "Yes." and "Make Believe", two projects finished during 2011. He is currently working on "A Gathering of Shifts" a series of 5 multi-channel shorts.