Exhibition Preview

October 17 Exhibition
Gathering Ground
October 17 - November 18 2012, Opening: Wednesday October 17th, 6-9pm
William Crump

William Crump's new works mine themes of spiritual rebirth, reconstruction and longing. Gathering Ground examines the overlap of Crump's current body of work with his earlier visual language and influences from art history. Here, the self-referential journey of the artist begins to encroach on previous imagined narratives, in which Crump peers across the chasm between reality and fantasy. Crump's work alludes to ghosts, guardians and spirits that appear at particular intervals along the passage of time to identify and remind us of our original intended purpose.

Citing his influences for this recent body of work, Crump references the artist Monet in both his palette and form. Having revisited Monet’s cathedral paintings at the Musée d'Orsay, all grouped together and under glass, he was struck with not only their beauty, but reminded of the shift they represent in art history. This art historical shift was a refocusing on how the artist perceived the subject rather than on direct representation or on light, shadow and the senses.

In reexamining his work and his reasons for becoming an artist, Crump begins with the idea of literal reconstruction of materials, and the suggested reconstruction of nature and the human spirit. In his ongoing collage and drawing works, horses, arrowheads, gems, and phantoms all coalesce and speak to how we identify with our individual experiences, the ghost in the machine, and our elusive and shifting essences.