Inaugural Exhibition
Union Territory
September 5 - October 7 2012, Opening: Wednesday September 5th, 6-8pm
Rob Carter

In Union Territory, Carter will present photographic works that fuse the illusion of architectural miniatures with the detailed reality of plant life. Beneath the lush foliage are layered histories and cultural references to how colonialism is represented in architecture and landscape, including Western culture's conflicting views of nature and the environment. The wilderness, that ultimately envelops his buildings, personifies the irrepressible strength of nature, which our buildings attempt to shield us from, as well as the temporality of the environs we inhabit.

Carter's series of photographs act as a record of the growth and death of various culturally relevant plants over a period of seven studio-bound months. This symbolic garden was seeded in the gaps between collaged and cut-out imagery of two contrasting buildings: Le Corbusier's Assembly Building in Chandigarh, India, and The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England. Divided by location and several hundred years of British Imperial politics, the juxtaposition of these two famous buildings invents a historical dialogue that quietly takes aim at political hubris and bears witness to our interconnectedness both culturally and environmentally, despite geographical distance and financial inequality.