Exhibition Preview

October 18th Exhibition
October 18 - November 10, 2013, Opening: Friday October 18th, 6-9pm
Kristine Marx

Kristine Marx is a video and installation artist who examines how we understand space and recall motion and memory through location and time. Marx dissects space, perception and memory through specific location based video installations that project into the gallery space and which reconsider the space and how we remember time passing.

Floating Room is created from animated drawings, photographs and video. Through the process of remembering the space and reconfiguring it, these layered fragments form videos that are projected back onto the actual site of the gallery in which the footage was taken. The imagery moves from recorded representations to a diagrammatic idea of space, loosely linking one image sequence to another. The work points to the way memory seizes upon isolated fragments of experience, reconstructing and synthesizing them into a cohesive mental artifact. In this imperfect process, a resolved narrative never fully emerges. The work always returns to the theme of an interior (both physical and psychological) in process, simultaneously being constructed and disassembled.

Kristine Marx has had solo exhibitions in New York at Plane Space and Big & Small/Casual, in Los Angeles at Fringe Exhibitions, and in Berlin at MNP Projects and the Berliner Liste with Herrmann & Wagner. She is a recipient of grants from NYSCA, Goethe Institut, and the Experimental Television Center and was a resident artist at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, Kolin Ryynänen Centre for Arts & Culture in Finland and Herrman & Wagner in Berlin. In addition to creating videos, drawings and paintings, Marx has collaborated with composers and musicians on a number of multimedia performance projects that have been performed in the U.S. and Japan. She earned her MFA from Hunter College, BA from Sarah Lawrence College, and teaches at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Marx resides in New York and Philadelphia.