Exhibition Preview

October 16th Exhibition
Discontinuous Space Continuous
Opening October 16, Opening Reception 6-9pm, On View through November 15th, 2015

The exhibition includes video installations and works on paper. All the works take the site in which they are shown (the gallery) as a point of reference and departure. The works reflect how every day experiences become disorienting when we foreground the perceptual processes underlying them. These processes include seeing the external world, piecing together fragments of experiences, and then forming a mental picture to be played back via memory. The construction of past experiences in the present creates a temporal overlay. The work in this exhibition allows for layered times and simultaneously distinct viewpoints. Nature serves as inspiration and metaphor: the stars in the night sky project their ancient light like an old movie into the present.

The title and framework of the video piece Identified Edges, Reconfigured were influenced by descriptions of topographical models of space. The video’s structure is determined by the small events that happen at its edges—when the figure walks out of one frame, she enters another. The projected image, reconfigured through editing and the use of reflective surfaces, is redirected and doubled. As the video unfolds, multiple appearances of the same figure are juxtaposed, sometimes emerging as mirrored images, at other times asymmetrical. Concurrent images orient the viewer within the work’s visual space.

The video piece Projection alludes to early optical devices once used to aid linear perspective. In Projection, a moving drawing of the gallery turns continuously, while being reflected on the gallery walls. The viewpoint within the animation and of the reflections continuously varies, as does the viewer’s in her experience of the space and the piece.

This is Kristine Marx’s second solo exhibition at Station Independent. She has also shown at Plane Space in New York, Fringe Exhibitions in Los Angeles, and at the Berliner Liste with Herrmann & Wagner in Berlin. She is a recipient of grants from NYSCA, Goethe Institut, and the Experimental Television Center and was a resident artist at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, Kolin Ryynänen Centre for Arts & Culture in Finland, Herrman & Wagner in Berlin, and Studio Kura in Japan. In addition to creating videos, drawings and paintings, Marx has collaborated with composers and musicians on a number of multimedia performance projects that have been performed in the U.S. and Japan. She earned her MFA from Hunter College and BA from Sarah Lawrence College. Marx is an Associate Professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and resides in New York.