Exhibition Preview

March 31st Exhibition
Tonal Shift
Opening March 31st 2017, 6-8PM
On view through April 23rd , 2017

Artists: China Blue, Paul Corio, Irina Danilova , Jen Hitchings, Tony Saunders, Audrey Stone, Emma Tapley, Anita Thacher and Audra Wolowiec

Our brains are wired to detect changes of all kinds-it is essential to our very survival. They can be extreme or subtle, and sometimes barely imperceptible. At times, our senses know instantly that there is a shift; at other times we come upon it slowly, as our senses adjust. Whether clear or vague, fast or incremental, the observation that something has changed creates a place to return to for inspection. How did we get from there to here? The color, tenor, medium, and sound can be switched, requiring us to look or listen again and again for understanding.

Our contemporary culture focuses exclusively on the sharp changes, a reflection of our era of broad sweeps and blaring oppositional politics. We have witnessed a coarsening of all aspects of our culture, and perhaps this is the right time to re-focus on the nuances of both contemporary art and public discourse.

The eight artists in Tonal Shift represent a broad spectrum of media in today’s visual art, and create works that take shifts in tone in different directions.