Station Independent Projects

Station Independent Projects will be closing up a brick and mortar space at the end of November 2017 when our lease ends. Station Independent Projects has been a labor  of love and an amazing experience from the beginning.

The gallery will transition to pop-up shows and art fairs in NYC and elsewhere.  Station Independent Projects aims to relaunch in the future in Toronto, Canada. This decision is based solely on the rising costs of running a physical space in  NYC. 

To the amazing Station Independent Projects gallery crew Shane Harrington,  Klay-James Enos and Melissa Netecke I will forever be thankful and grateful to you. Your all wonderful people and extremely professional. We ran the gallery as a team together and one of the most gratifying and fun aspects of running  the gallery was to work with you three.

It is with sincere gratitude that I thank my roster of artists for your incredible work  and shows at Station Independent Projects. I will always be one of your biggest fans and I'm honored to have worked with you all.

Many thanks also to the guest curators, poets, performance artists and to all the  artists who have shown, presented or talked at Station Independent Projects. It's  been a delight to work with all of you.

A special thanks to:

Pierre & Max St-Jacques
Jerre Oates
Chris Frazier
Matthew Oates
Shane Harrington
Klay-James Enos
Melissa Netecke
Cameron Blaylock
Ruben Natal-San Miguel
El Kazan
Ann Folger
Kari Soinio
Leena-Maijia Rossi
Miles Ladin
Victoria Neel
Vandana Jain
Maddy Rosenberg
Melissa Stern
Paul Bridgewater
Ellen Prober Rittberg
Kristine Marx
Karen Marston
Amy Chaiklin
Marcy Brafman
David Gibson and Michele Basora
Olga Kopenkina
Gregory Sholette
Dread Scott
Katherine Daniels
Carol Salmanson
Lise Curry
James Wei
William Crump
Beth Krebs
Cara Phillips
Michael Mazzeo
Lesley Heller
Natalie Raben
Ron & Megan Barron
Judy Blum Reddy
Sandrine Humbert
Tommaso Pipitone
Megan Cump
Ilari Laamanen
Stefan Hagen
Stephen and Sascha Mallon
Ann Kaiser
Kristin Copham
Yevgeniy Fiks
Doris aka Butch
Kris Enos
Kathy Creutzburg
Brian Getnick
Ligia Bouton
Elana Katz
Creative Sign and Awnings
Vivian @ Elite M & D 
Windsor Wine Merchants
Lower East Side Bid