Exhibition Preview

May 6 Exhibition
May 6 - 28, 2017
Artists: Liz Ainslie / Theresa Daddezio / Alison Fox / Ilse Sørensen Murdock / Kristina Lee / Erika Ranee
Curated by William Crump

The six artists presented in SPACES do not adhere solely to the restrictions of contemporary painting set by rigid representational and non-representational demands. Instead, they tend to shift between figure, nature, and abstraction at will. They each move between - or rather their work exists- in that space between representation and abstraction.

At times these artists simultaneously paint abstractly or representationally depending on their interests. By beginning a work in one style and ending it in another each painter finds an elusive balance with their work. Their strength is in choosing to cast off any notion of a particular manner or current trend. They observe the language of painting on their own terms. Pioneering new ground, mixing genres, and orchestrating a unique approach which doesn’t leave them beholden to anyone.

By shifting their approach and style at will these six artists share a historical thread with others who came before them. Namely, Elaine de Kooning, Sonia Gechtoff, Buffie Johnson, Deborah Remington, Jeanne Reynal, and Susan Rothenberg, each of whom charted these in-between spaces and pushed boundaries to find their own success.

It's within this space that Liz Ainslie, Theresa Daddezio, Alison Fox, Ilse Sørensen Murdock, Kristina Lee, and Erika Ranee unapologetically question in their own way where painting comes from, who it belongs to, and where it is headed. Each attributing to a dialogue that looks to move the conversation forward through their own space and in their own time.